About the Program

SBATEYL TEACHER EDUCATION PROGRAM is designed as a product of an ERASMUS + KA2 project funded by the European Commission. This is a web-based in-service teacher education program aiming to contribute to the continuous professional development of foreign language teachers of young learners between the ages of 6-12. From 4 countries (Turkey, Spain, Italy, and Slovenia), the university professors and primary school language teachers worked together to develop this innovative professional education program, blending theory and practice.

This is a flexible long-term program open to all language teachers who want to get familiar with recent research, theory, and approaches concerning teaching foreign languages to young learners. This program is unique as it puts teachers and their needs at the center. The program is designed considering the results of a needs analysis survey conducted on 400 teachers in Europe.

In addition, teachers in our project had a chance to develop their classroom activities considering the introduced theory, research, and approaches in their own school environments. Then, the teachers implemented and tested these innovative practices in their own classes under the supervision of the university professors. And finally, at the end, in addition to the theoretical content, the tested and approved classroom practices were selected and included in the education program.

This program is FREE to take for all teachers who want to professionally develop themselves. At the end of the program, a certificate approved by four universities and European Commission will be provided as a ready to print file

Guidelines & Instructions

First, please register to our web site in order to take the free program. Then, please click on the Modules box on the upper right side of the home page to start. In order to see the content of the modules, you should first click on the button [TAKE THIS COURSE] right below the heading of each module.

There are 10 modules in this program. These are:

Module 1: Language approaches and methods appropriate for young learners

Module 2: Teaching Listening to young learners

Module 3: Teaching Speaking to young learners

Module 4: Teaching Reading to young

Module 5: Teaching Writing to young learners

Module 6: Teaching Vocabulary to young learners

Module 7: Teaching Grammar and error correction in young learner classrooms

Module 8: Teaching Intercultural Competence to young learners

Module 9: Integrating Technology in young learner classrooms

Module 10: Assessing Young Learners

These modules should be taken in the given order.

When you succeed the quizzes at the end of each module by answering 70% of the questions right, the module will be completed. After all 10 modules are completed; you will be able to print your certificate.

There is no time limitation; you can have a break and continue the program whenever you want.