Module 5 – Teaching Writing

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Primary foreign language programs foster writing with young learners because writing reinforces the association between the sound and the word, gives the language relevance and meaning, creates the possibility of real communication exchanges with young learners in the new language (Martin, 2008: 51). Therefore, it is important that that writing process is made meaningful and cognitively engaging and that young learners experiment with the writing of simple words and language structures. Writing with young language learners should be personal, situational and contextualized (e.g. dialogues, stories, e-mails) and relate to real-life situations. Older learners (10 – 12 years of age) become more aware of writing for an audience and for a specific context, so they start producing written texts for others to read.


Writing with young language learners should be communicative, personal, situational and contextualized and relate to real-life situations (e.g. dialogues, stories, e-mails).


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